Magdalena Weiss,
Master Universitario

UID Number: ATU75402556
Zugehörigkeit: WKO Wien
Fachgruppe Werbung & Marktkommunikation
& Handelsgewerbe (Textildesign)

Rembrandtstraße 14
1020 Wien

+43 660 612 2638

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Every time you visit a website nowadays, certain information is automatically created and saved.

Whenever you visit our website such as you are doing right now, our webserver (computer on which this website is saved/stored) automatically saves data in webserver-logfiles such as:

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Generally, webserver-logfiles stay saved for two weeks and then get deleted automatically. We do not pass this information to others, but we cannot exclude the possibility that this data will be passed on to third parties in case of illegal conduct.

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